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Working With Augentius : The Benefits

With a keen comprehension of restrictions and regulations, Augentius ( offers solutions that fulfil these kinds of standards. Augentius supplies depositary solutions via the AIFMD (Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive). As a company grows it becomes harder and harder to take care of and monitor assets, which is why they need the advice of businesses who specialise in these sectors of the financial market. A must-have qualification for all personnel working in the financial market is a comprehension of Private Equity along with Real Estate Funds.

Augentius as the Best AIFMD Depositary

Augentius ensures the quality of work as well as bearing in mind the convenience of the client. Employees working at the organisation understand every thing about property handling and monitoring and are experts in Private Equity, Real Estate and Real Assets. Augentius’ depositary services team works with clients in agreement with the AIFMD (the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive). Dealing with financial resources is not as simple as it seems; a dependable and trustworthy fund administration company is necessary to help you with this.

Augentius: What We Do

Augentius has a worldwide client base comprising 95 countries. To provide customised solutions to its clients, the business employs the most competent accountants for the job. A company looking after money must be able to provide accurate, continuous and high-quality solutions to the clientele with whom it works. Augentius is a world-class Private Equity and Real Estate Administrator, working together with 137 investment managers worldwide.

Augentius and AIFMD

Augentius employs the very best available technology to guarantee precise and thorough data processing. Following a four month trial, it was concluded that the AIFMD reporting service rates amongst the most useful software that the AIFMD has produced. Whenever technical guidance is required for complicated cases, the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive is the service responsible for stepping in and assisting.

Augentius is known as one of the forerunners of the financial market because of its dedication to give the best service to its consumers. Even with the highest requirements of excellence, it is crucial that everything is delivered to clients on time. Augentius works with an emphasis on providing high-quality services that satisfy all the wishes of their customers.